June 13, 2022 - 17:00
Den Haag



Joint SPE-PGK Annual BBQ 2022 at Oscars Scheveningen

Programme: Doors Open 17:00
Entrance fees: Members € 40 Non-members € 60 Students € 15
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Lecture 1: Large-scale geological hydrogen storage: a subsurface perspective on the hydrogen economy

Speaker: Karin de Borst (Shell)
Hydrogen is considered a key enabler of a net-zero emission energy system. It provides a balance between energy supply and demand over possibly long distances and periods of time and, thus, allows introduction of a higher share of renewable energy sources in the overall energy mix. Offering a balancing mechanism to the energy system will require large-scale storage of hydrogen, which can be most cost-effectively realized in the subsurface using mined salt caverns, depleted reservoirs, or aquifers.
This presentation will highlight the critical role of the geosciences and petroleum engineering in de-risking subsurface storage of hydrogen and in developing these technologies towards deployment. Key remaining questions revolve around the possible loss of hydrogen in the subsurface through dispersion and mixing of the hydrogen with in-situ reservoir fluids, and through consumption of hydrogen in microbial and geochemical reactions. In order to ensure containment of the hydrogen in the reservoir, the sealing capacity of caprocks and faults to hydrogen has to be understood, as has to be well integrity in view of the higher diffusivity of the small hydrogen molecule and its reactivity. Compatibility of existing wells with hydrogen will be key, in view of their intended re-utilization for storage in depleted reservoirs. From a surface perspective, cost-effective compression and purification of hydrogen needs to be accomplished. Monitoring and verification of storage containment and conformance will be key for public and regulatory acceptance. Here, the detectability of the hydrogen with existing technologies from conventional O&G and CCS need to be verified and possibly improved technologies developed.
About the speaker
Karin was educated as a civil engineer in Vienna, and expanded her knowledge and experience over time by picking up new studies like computational mechanics. She became a university reader in Glasgow for a couple of years before joining Shell as a geomechanist. Switching from the academic world to the business world is just the next step in integrating all the different aspects of large scale projects like Hydrogen storage.

Lecture 2: Building a Hydrogen market in industry

Speaker: Lijs Groenendaal (Shell)
After the presentation from Karin, Lijs will take the next step and give us a glance on how the new hydrogen economy could work in the Netherlands. Lijs has been leading the team that is developing the Holland Hydrogen 1 project, in the Netherlands since September 2020. The HH1 project will be Shell’s first hydrogen facility of 200MW and is intended to demonstrate upscaling and the production of green hydrogen with the intermittent power of wind.
About the speaker
Lijs is an experienced business developer and leader in the energy transition with 20+ years building businesses across the energy industry.
She has spent most of her career in Shell in various business and project development related roles. Lijs is passionate about the energy transition and the role that hydrogen will play in this and is keen to develop the business further.