November 24, 2021 - 5:00 pm
Den Haag

PGK Monthly Lecture (in person)

Reda Meftahi (Survey Intelligence & Analytics B.V.) will talk about:

‘From space to (sub)surface: How satellite data can contribute to a successful energy transition

Large scale energy storage in underground reservoirs is key to the energy transition, but associated geo-hazards are significant. Whatever operations in the subsurface, the possible impact on the infrastructure and the environment must be critically examined. To understand the human interaction with deeper geological structures and guarantee the safety of industrial operations we need to model future ground movements. In this talk Reda will demonstrate how satellite data can be used to provide a cost-effective real-time monitoring solution to measure the impact of underground activities.

Please note:
The date has been shifted for 1 week to the Wednesday 24th of November.
Venue has been changed: next door to the Haagsche Kluis.

Attendance is limited to 30 participants, and requires registration (form below). 

Seafood Bar 19, Plein 19, 2511 CS Den Haag. (Meeting room is upstairs)

17:00-18:00 hrs: Social hour at Seafood Bar 19
18:00-19:00 hrs: Lecture (Reda will present in person)


About the author
Reda is the co-founder of Survey Intelligence, a start-up specialised in the analysis of ground movement with the help of satellite data. The company’s expertise lies in the integration of radar interferometric times series with geological and geophysical data. Reda is an innovative geoscientist with more than 25+ years experience in the O&G industry. Due to his experience working for oil majors, contractors, and start-ups he understands the oil industry from every angle. Reda has been involved as an entrepreneur in several spin-offs from leading technical universities to develop cutting-edge technology. As a trained geologist, Reda specialised in structural geology and obtained a second MSc in geophysics. He has an extensive knowledge of ground deformation that he collected throughout his experience in structural fault systems, passive micro-seismicity, and seismic processing.


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