May 23, 2022 - 10:00

PGK in collaboration with Richard Porter, Senior Sedimentologist in NAM organizes a 1 day excursion to see some of the key reservoirs in the Dutch subsurface with discussion on  “old” and “new” challenges for reservoir characterization and reservoir quality prediction for oil & gas and geothermal projects.

When & where:
23rd of May 2022, Assen


Transportation to be arranged individually. Meeting point will be at the NAM Core store, Assen

Registration link (max 25 participants):

Preliminary program: 
10:00 am Arrival to the NAM Core store, Assen
10.30-15:00 Core examination
Lunch will be provided during the core store visit

To reach the emission reduction targets The Netherlands must switch from fossil fuel based energy to sustainable heat and energy solutions. Geothermal energy offers a promising and sustainable heat source, and currently, the goal is to accelerate the development and use of geothermal sources for use in urban heat networks.
The geothermal potential of aquifers in depends strongly on the subsurface conditions. The complex geological evolution of The Netherlands resulted in a highly structured and surprisingly varied subsurface geology. This resulted in significant structuration and reorganization of the fluid flow system of various aquifers, effecting their reservoir quality. High potential aquifers in The Netherlands usually consist of high permeable sandstones, for example the Upper Rotliegend Slochteren Formation. The good reservoir characteristics of such aquifer makes them an important target for future geothermal exploration in the Dutch onshore. During the one-day excursion at the NAM core, two cores from such high potential intervals will be demonstrated.
The techno-economic potential of geothermal energy of clastic aquifers in The Netherlands is assessed in the online ThermoGIS tool (developed by TNO). The ThermoGIS tool facilitates, enhances, and accelerates the use of geothermal resources. During this day a demonstration of the ThermoGIS workflow and capabilities will be given, and other geothermal opportunities at various stratigraphic levels will be shown.

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