September 14, 2022 - 17:00
Den Haag

PGK Monthly Lecture

Prof Dr. Theo Wong will talk about:

“Education of the next generation Petroleum Geoscientists in Suriname”, followed by: “A brief overview of the exploration activities in the Guiana Basin of Suriname”

The department of Geosciences of the Anton de Kom University of Suriname, was founded in 1976 and has already delivered numerous geoscientist to the Surinamese society. Originally only a broad BSc course was offered, providing thorough basic knowledge in basic geological topics, geography and coastal management, mineral exploration, mining, economic aspects of mining and mining law. After the foundation of Staatsolie in 1980, also a few petroleum related courses were incorporated in the curriculum.
In 2004, the BAMA structure was introduced for the entire university and the department of Geosciences started two MSc courses: the MSc Petroleum Geology (2010) and the MSc Mineral Geosciences (2012). After a common first year of the BSc course, the students can select a specialization in sedimentary geology or mineral geosciences giving them access to respectively the Petroleum or Mineral MSc courses.
Initially the MSc Petroleum Geology was a 2 years course, mainly focused on geology but in 2020 (5th Cohort) it was changed in to the current MSc Petroleum Geosciences & Engineering (3 years part-time course). In the context of the recent oil finds offshore Suriname, various offshore engineering courses have been included. After a common year the students are enabled to choose between three tracks: 1) Petroleum Geology, 2) Reservoir Engineering and 3) Offshore Engineering. The courses are modular and are presented in the evening since the majority of the students have regular jobs during the day. Most lecturers are affiliated with various institutions/companies in the Netherlands and USA and are flown in for the duration of the module. The course has been internationally accredited in 2013 and the re-accreditation took place in 2019.
In this context also a brief overview of the exploration activities in the Guiana Basin of Suriname and its petroleum system will be presented.

About the presenter
Theo E. Wong obtained his PhD in 1976 with the thesis: “Tertiary stratigraphy and micropaleontology of the Guiana Basin” at Utrecht University. At present he is part-time Professor of geology at the Anton de Kom University of Suriname (Since 2002) and program manager of the MSc courses Mineral Geosciences and Petroleum Geosciences & Engineering of the Faculty of Technical Sciences of this university. He worked as a geologist for the Geological and Mining Service of Suriname (GMD), Suralco and Gulf Oil in Suriname. From 1986 to 2007 he was employed by the Geological Survey of the Netherlands and later TNO, in various professional and managerial positions within the oil and gas, mapping and scientific research departments. He was a professor (“buitengewoon hoogleraar”) in “Sedimentary Geology of the subsurface of the Netherlands” at the University of Utrecht (1996-2008). After his retirement he became active as an independent consultant in the petroleum and mining industry. He is author and editor of various articles and books on Surinamese and Dutch geology.


Millers, Plein 10, Den Haag.