A regional Petroleum System Analysis for the entire Dutch offshore; a foundation to Common Risk Segment mapping and play and prospect maturation

May 20, 2020 | Lecture Archive

Linda Janssen (EBN)

The Dutch offshore is generally considered a mature area for hydrocarbon exploration.
Nevertheless, significant yet-to-find volumes are still expected to be present in locally
underexplored areas such as the A & B quadrants in the northern Dutch offshore with
limited well density and sparser 3D coverage. High level identification and maturation of
those yet-to-find volumes would strongly benefit from regional play maps capturing risk
and reward for each of the several (sub)play intervals present in the Netherlands. EBN has
endeavoured into a project with the aim to publicly deliver regional Common Risk Segment
(CRS) maps capturing geological chance of success for each of the play elements for a series
of (ranked) play and sub-play levels. Ultimately, these individual CRS maps for each of the
play elements (Reservoir, Source rock, Seal and Charge and Migration) may stack to a
combined Composite Common Risk Segment map (CCRS) and identification of the weakest
and most critical play elements. To enable this, EBN identified the need to deliver an
assessment of the source rock distribution and efficiency of the most important source rock
intervals present across the entire Dutch offshore area. Accordingly, EBN commissioned a
Petroleum System Analysis (PSA) study to IGI Ltd., including an integrated geochemistry
analysis of rock sample analyses available, 1D basin modelling of key wells covering all
structural elements and a grid-based 3-D model calibrated to temperature and maturity
data for the entire Dutch offshore.

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PGK lecture 2020-05-20 Linda Janssen (EBN) – A regional Petroleum System Analysis for the entire Dutch offshore

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