Creating geomechanic subsurface models based on geological and reservoir engineering models

Mar 20, 2019 | Lecture Archive

Peter Fokker (Shell/Diana)

Field scale geomechanics and Finite Element Modelling can be a significant part of reservoir development and modelling consequences, for instance on subsidence prediction or the risk of fault reactivation. Modelling however strongly relies on the geophysical and geological interpretation of the reservoir, the overburden and the faults, next to a reservoir engineering modelling of pressure and temperature changes.

In most cases geomechanical modelling is not (yet) in the picture when modelling the field, for which geomechanical considerations are usually neglected. Software development are however facilitating combined modelling more and more.

This lecture is about what is important for creating a meaningful Finite Element model, especially when dealing with geophysical, geological, petrophysical and reservoir engineering data and where it also may serve reservoir surveillance efforts, usually the geophysical and reservoir engineering domain.


The presentation is available on request.

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