Development of a tight gas field in the Southern North Sea, Chiswick

Jan 16, 2019 | Lecture Archive

Willeke Smit (Spirit Energy)

The Chiswick field is a Carboniferous, Westphalian A, gas field located in UK Block 49/4a and 49/4b in the Southern North Sea, approximately 18 km northwest of the Markham Field, close to the UK-Netherlands median line. The productive reservoir units are Carboniferous aged fluvial sandstones and show a large variety in petrophysical properties. The field is situated on the eastern edge of the Silverpit Basin (part of the Southern Permian Basin). The initial exploration drilling had Leman Sandstones Formation as the primary objective, but the well encountered a tight Permian reservoir with gas-bearing Carboniferous reservoirs (discovery in 1984).

Production has commenced in 2007 and gas recovery is through natural depletion from hydraulically fractured, horizontal development wells.


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