From shallow to deep geothermal energy and the role it plays in the energy transition

Sep 20, 2023 | Lecture Archive

Toke van den Hemel (IF Technology)

A major challenge in the energy transition is how we will cool and heat the built environment. By 2050, in 26.5 years, the Netherlands wants to be climate neutral. That means no more greenhouse gas emissions to tackle global warming. Within 6,5 years the aim is a reduction of 60%. A huge challenge that IF Technology has been working on for over 30 years! I would like to show you how big the part is of geothermal energy in the heating (and cooling) demand in the Netherlands. I will take you on a journey from geothermal energy to HTO (High Temperature Storage) to shallow geothermal energy (ATES – Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage) towards aquathermal energy. I’ll explain the technology and how much it can contribute to the energy transition in the Netherlands.

About the presenter
I studied Earth sciences at Utrecht University, graduated in 2010. At present-day Neptune Energy I started my career as a geologist. After some wanderings abroad I moved back to the Netherlands. Now I work almost 3 years for IF Technology as a project manager. A company that was already on my ‘wish-list’ of employers when I graduated. I love working on the energy transition together with clients and everyone involved.


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