Modelling and production forecasting of the fishbone technology

Jun 12, 2023 | Lecture Archive

Niek Dousi (Sproule)

The presentation will be a short abstract of an SPE paper (SPE-209570-MS) presented in 2022 during the SPE subsurface conference in Norway. In the last years it has become technically- and economically feasible to drill productivity enhancing fishbone wells in tight and/or thin formations or in areas where hydraulic fracturing is not permitted due to local environmental regulations. Modeling of fishbone wells is complex and currently very time-consuming. A fully integrated workflow has been developed to model fishbone wells, using dynamic models to generate reliable production forecasts. This novel workflow comprises of the implementation of pre-defined well trajectories and number of needles in a box- and/or full-field dynamic model. The paper also details workflows to optimize well count and number of needles driven by economics and presents a methodology to efficiently develop full field development forecasts. These aspects will not be addressed in the presentation.

About the presenter
Niek Dousi holds an MSc degree in Petroleum Engineering from Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands and joined SGS in 2005. He is currently a Senior Petroleum Engineer and project manager working for Sproule and has over 18 years of relevant professional experience. His key competences are classical reservoir engineering, Reserves evaluations, dynamic modelling, addressing commercial aspects and project management. He has taken part and managed numerous integrated reservoir studies, asset valuations and reserves certifications, among others, serving European, African and Middle-Eastern E&P and NOC customers.


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