Offshore renewable energy as a source of knowledge

Apr 21, 2021 | Lecture Archive

Bart Meijninger (TNO)

In our struggle to reduce our CO2 emissions, the focus moves from burning fossil fuels to renewable energy. One way to accomplish this goal is with the development of large windfarms at sea.
For the development of these windfarms in the Dutch sector of the North Sea, extensive seismic surveys and geotechnical drilling and testing campaigns were performed, resulting in large high-resolution complementary datasets. These datasets provide a wealth of geological information and give a highly detailed image of the subsurface from seafloor down to 100 m below seafloor.
In this presentation Bart will show you some nice results and geological observations of these datasets and how they have contributed to our knowledge of the North Sea. Presentation will also outline a¬†contribution of the “TNO – Geological Survey of the Netherlands” in the developments of the offshore wind farms.

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PGK Lecture 2021-04 Bart Meijninger (TNO) – Offshore Renewable Energy as a Source of Knowledge

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