Offshore Rotliegend Play Evaluation

Feb 17, 2021 | Lecture Archive

Welmoed Lauwerier (EBN)

Recent (re)discoveries of the Cygnus and Ruby fields have shown that some regions in the offshore Netherlands which have been overlooked in the past still hold high potential for new gas discoveries. To further de-risk these areas, a Play Based Exploration (PBE) approach has been used to create regional Rotliegend play maps based on public data for the entire Dutch offshore.  Play elements such as reservoir, charge and seal have been risked and mapped separately in common risk segment (CRS) maps. By stacking these maps together in combined common risk segment (CCRS) maps, areas with the highest probability of success (POS) for future discoveries have been identified. However, this analysis on the subsurface is biased by the availability and the quality of the public data. Therefore a split-risking approach has been used, which is crucial to provide insight into what is required for further de-risking. This research is part of an internship at EBN. EBN and TNO aim to start publishing overviews of the main offshore plays, including risk maps, in an online GIS-based platform later this year.


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PGK lecture 2021-02-17 Welmoed Lauwerier – Rotliegend Play Evaluation

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