The ACT-SUCCEED program, where CO2-storage meets enhanced geothermal reservoir performance

Apr 19, 2022 | Lecture Archive

Karl-Heinz Wolf (TU Delft)

At two geothermal power generation sites in Hellisheidi (Iceland) and Kizildere (Turkey),
captured and produced CO2 is re-injected into the main reservoir for permanently storing CO2 and for geothermal production enhancement. A novel seismic source with a fiber-optic seismic monitoring system is used for observing the re-injection of CO2. On both sites, as part of the monitoring project, geological fieldwork, rock sampling and acoustic-mechanic experimental lab work have been used to  study the geophysical characteristics for monitoring and imaging.
Since both reservoir systems are very different, Iceland as  being a volcanic system and Turkey as being a horst/graben system with a granite intrusion, we explain for both areas certain aspects of the local structural geology, followed by reservoir system information and specific related lab results. In addition, we elaborate on innovations in the source and monitoring performed during our first fieldwork on Iceland.

About the presenter
In 1985, Karl-Heinz joined the Faculty of Mining and Petroleum Engineering at Delft University of Technology as a research assistant for Reservoir Geology. In 1988 he continued as Assistant Professor for Petroleum Engineering. From 1996 till now he is an Associate Professor in the section of Applied Geophysics and Petrophysics for research, education and organizational tasks. From 2011 till 2019 he was director of the Geoscience and Engineering Laboratories and supporting the Department’s laboratory research, field work and educational projects in geology, geophysics, reservoir engineering and geo-engineering.
Through the years he has been active in multi-disciplinary research on Petrology, Reservoir Engineering and Petrophysics to develop texture characterization/quantification methods and techniques for coal, hydrocarbon and geothermal reservoirs. His research themes of interest involve in-situ coal/oil-shale combustion, natural coal fires,  CO2 -enhanced coalbed methane production and environmental research through CO2 storage, with an broadening to the additional benefits of CO2-EOR/EGR and CO2-enhanced geothermal reservoir performance. All activities have been connected to field scale size themes and translated to large volume set-ups for scaled in-situ experiments.

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PGK lecture 2022-04-19 Karl-Heinz Wolf – The ACT-SUCCEED program, where CO2-storage meets enhanced geothermal reservoir performance

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