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Jun 17, 2019 | Lecture Archive

2019 Summer BBQ Subsurface in Transition

Bert de Wijn (ret. Chief Geologist – Wintershall Noordzee)

In general, during the exploration phase, evaluation is focused on the presence of oil, gas, and formation water, together with the analysis of reservoir properties. It forms the basis of the energy business. Several methods have been developed within the hydrocarbon industry to interpret collected data during the drilling phase and in the time thereafter. A number of these methods can be (and should be) easily employed in geothermal wells. It is not only of importance to analyse any hydrocarbons and their accompanying non-combustible gasses, but also the encountered formation fluids.

Applying these methods will result in an increased awareness of potential problems and a better prediction of the production potential of unwanted by-products during later operations, which will result in lower costs.


The presentation is available on request.

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