Programme changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic

May 5, 2020 | News | 0 comments

The current situation around the COVID-19 virus outbreak has led us to cancel all physical PGK meetings until further notice, following the measures and guidelines issued by the Dutch authorities. Our monthly meetings in April and May will be virtual and we aim to reschedule affected events to later this year.

An overview of changes to our programme of activities:

  • The monthly meeting of 18 March was cancelled
    The lecture by Kike Beintema (Tulip Oil) was postponed to a virtual meeting on Wednesday 15 April, jointly organised with the SPE Netherlands section.
  • The day trip of 27 March has been postponed
    We aim to reschedule the day trip to the Zuidwending gas storage and NAM core store to a later date. Participants who are unable to make it on the new date will be fully reimbursed.
  • The YP wine-tasting event of 1 April has been postponed
    The YP section aims to reschedule the wine tasting by Geert-Jan Vis (TNO) to a later date.
  • The YP excursion from 15-17 May has been postponed
    The YP section aims to reschedule the YP excursion to the Boulonnais (France) to a later date.
  • The monthly meeting of 15 April will be virtual
    Lecture by Kike Beintema (Tulip Oil)
  • The monthly meeting of 20 May will be virtual
    Lecture by Linda Janssen (EBN)
  • The lecture by Richard Huis in ‘t Veld (Wintershall Noordzee) will be rescheduled and/or held as a virtual meeting

We will continue to assess the need to modify upcoming PGK events on a case-by-case basis and communicate to you when needed. Please direct any questions or remarks to Thank you for your understanding.

PGK Chair
Author: PGK Chair


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