Propped fracture stimulation of geothermal production wells

Jun 12, 2023 | Lecture Archive

Josef Shaoul (Fenix Consulting Delft)

Conventional hydrothermal (“low enthalpy”) geothermal reservoirs are already being developed in the Netherlands as a source of heat for greenhouses, district heating. Many of these wells are left with a positive skin after being drilled, and could therl benefit of propped fracture stimulation for this type of reservoir, a history match of a real geothermal injection and production doublet was made using an industry standard 3D reservoir before benefit from stimulation. In order to evaluate the potential simulation model. This model was then used to perform production and injection forecasts for different completion scenarios, including propped fracturing.

About the presenter
Josef Shaoul conducts fracture stimulation studies, on-site fracture engineering, Fracpro training courses, welltest analysis, reservoir simulation studies and software development. Before he joined Pinnacle Technologies Delft in 1996, Josef worked at RES, where he was the Lead Software Engineer for development of Fracpro. Prior to that, Josef worked for Hunter Geophysics, working on tiltmeter mapping applications. Josef has over 30 years of industry experience and received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from MIT in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Josef is active in the Society of Petroleum Engineering, co-chairing the European Stimulation Workshop for the last 10 years and serving on the committee of the International Hydraulic Fracturing Technical Conference since its inception.


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